Haven to the Men Of Baker

This site serves the members of the MOB of Austin College

Last Updated June 5, 2007


Kosnik's MOB site.

Miscellaneous MOB photos and other memorabilia.

Heidi's pictures from our Austin College days.

Pictures from Hurley's trip to Washington in 8-'99.

Elliott's wedding pictures from 7-'99.

Pictures from '98 graduation 5-'98.

My two pictures from Dave & Jen's wedding from 8-'97.

MOBfest '96 attendees at Wine's Ranch: (13) Allen, Matt Wine, Dave Ritter, Dave Loyless, James, Jonathan Foster, Hurley, Koz, Elliott, Ethan, Lowell, Nate, and Rene.

MOBfest '97 attendees at Hurley's farm: (6) Allen, Elliott, Hurley, Koz, Brandon Reddick, and Dave Ritter. The gathering included painting the barn (lots of paintball), a little clay target shooting, feeding the cat, and of course, Tripod!

MOBfest '98 attendees at Elliott's apartment: (8) Allen, Elliott(host), Hurley, Koz, Matt Wine, Dave Ritter, Ethan, Dave Loyless. Activities included paintball, poker, hot-tubbing, some adult-beverage consumption by several, and, of course, the violating of Elliott's toilet. Watch for the picture of the plunger.

MOBfest '99-2K attendees at Hurley's farm and Katy's lake house: (18) Allen and Katy, Hurley and Kristen, Koz, Wine, Lowell and Mindy, Stacy, Elizabeth, Brandon and Matt, Ritter, Shelliott, Best Friend and Putt-Putt Boy, and Rick Lupia. Two venues were used this year. The Hurley farm provided midnight football and Frisbee, shooting clay pigeons, .22's, paintball, and for those who had to use the microwave, "popcorn". Katy's lake house included watching the ball drop, bottle rockets and black cats, Hurley popping the ?, spending Wine's $$$, and, don't forget, cold showers. Katy took pictures, too.

MOBfest '00 info and pictures coming in a few weeks. If you have pictures, don't hold out, let's get them up.

MOBfest '01 attendees at Katy's lake house: (12) Allen and Katy, Hurley and Kristen, Koz, Wine, Cynthia, Ritter and Heather, Rene, Venegas, and Berto. Activities included paintball, Lord of the Rings I, Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee golf, fireworks, and Katy trying to blow up everyone (again).

Campout at Hurley's Farm: We had Wine, Lowell, Brandon, Allen, Elliott, and Hurley. Lots of guns, cows, and heat. PICTURES

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